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Help yourself in your own home on your own time with our 

Self Health Programs

Don’t just write it off as wear and tear! 

Feeling stiff, achy and tired is not a bi-product of ageing, it’s actually caused by lack of movement and chronically tense muscles. I’m here to show you that you don’t have to give up and wait for the inevitable, in most cases, it is preventable and reversible. 

 These programs are designed to help you help yourself, to treat your body by releasing years of tension and giving it a wide range of movements to get you feeling youthful and confident. Choose the style and system right for your personal need and get videos or voice notes sent directly to you and watch as your body comes alive. 

For more detailed information about how these programs benefit your body check out our blog by clicking the button below.


Is all about bodywork and movement practices which focuses on internal physical perception and experience. Only you truly know whats happening in your body and therefore you’re the best one to treat it. Using simple and slow techniques you’ll learn how to undo years of chronic tension within yourself until you’re feeling physically phenomenal. 

Move More Easily

Simple seated and standing exercises, carefully selected to support the body as it ages.

Looking at the physique with a unique perspective to help build and balance all of the skills needed to move through life with flexibility, strength, and joy.


Designed by a Body Wellbeing PT specifically to support the body & mind. 

We will work to gently build strength, flexibility, 

motor skills and balance. Increase energy levels, elevate the mood and improve sleep.

Subtle and safe techniques such as pandiculations will help relieve muscle tension to reduce aches and stiffness.

Get your weekly quota of exercises in short, simple videos that are fun to follow along with.

A little a day really does keep the doctor away. 

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