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Body Wellbeing Classes

Soon to be available online...

Please send us an email if you would like to know more about the content of this course or would like a 1 to 1 class based on one or more of the techniques below. 


Postural Awareness

A personal postural assessment  will  give you an understanding of how you stand and hold yourself. Learning which muscles to strengthen and which to stretch can help correct poor posture and reduce strain.



We will begin by working through the body from head to toe, gently mobilising each joint  individually to decrees stiffness and build range of motion. 

-pain relief-

Re-gaining conscious control over constantly contracted muscles by correcting in-built patterns within the sensory-motor system.

Core Stability

Completing specific postures and movements to challenge the deep core muscles which support trunk of the body and it's movement. This can aid in reducing lower back pain as well as increasing ease of movement.

Relief Rollering

Using foam rollers to perform self myofascial release on tight muscles, therefore  increasing flexibility and circulation whilst reducing pain and stiffness.  

Cancel the trip to the physio and help yourself

Light Toning


Working whist on the mat and standing you will complete a series of light strength exercises designed to tone any areas of the body you feel need  work.



Small challenges that test your brains reaction time and encourage the nervous system to help create smooth, efficient movement patterns.

Balance Work

Helping the body and brain adjust it's awareness and movements in space quickly and effectively, by training up the many muscles which keep you upright and stable.

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