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Welcome To Our 
Surrey Studio Sessions

The Studio at Taw Paddock is nestled right in the heart of the Surrey hills overlooking the breathtaking north downs,
private, quiet and calm it is the perfect place to focus on yourself whilst relaxing, stretching and working out.
It's idyllic all year round, the trifolding doors are open wide throughout the summer to bring you closer to the surrounding nature and during the colder months the vintage stove and warm lighting keep it cosy and toasty inside no matter the weather.
After trying one of our classes at this sumptuous Surrey fitness centre you may find it a struggle to return to that soulless gym. 

Styled To Suit You

Come alone or bring a friend, either way our private classes create the type of environment you will thrive in

Perfectly Private

The Studio sits in a beautiful meadow which is in no way overlooked, so you may move freely without thought or worry about your appearance.

Personalised Plans

Every session is written specifically for you, progress quickly on strengths and work on your weakness, no worry of falling behind or being held back. 

Delightful Details

 Just turn up and enjoy,

infused water, heathy snacks 

flannels & deodorant provided.

Goal Setting and homework

(Only if Desired) 

Aerial Experiences

One hour personalised session
1 client at £40 or 
2 clients at £25 each
Combi Session of Aerial and PT

1 client at £50
2 clients at £30 each 
Screenshot_20190301-151038(1) 2.jpeg

Aerial Yoga

A fusion of yoga and aerial art. Easy for all abilities, try a full on cardio workout, satisfyingly deep stretching session, calming and supportive yoga flow or cocooned deep relaxation.

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 12.11.18.png

Aerial Hoop

f you've ever had a thought about running away to the circus then this is the class for you. Stretch, strengthen and soar whilst your perform pretty fabulous  poses on this lyra perch.

IMG_0025 2.jpeg

Aerial Sling

Soar in the air whilst compleating beautiful transitions, acrobat worthy tricks and gravity-defying inversions. All while getting a full body work out like no other! 

IMG_4787 - Version 2.jpeg


Focuses on spins, transitions, flow and floor work. No need to worry about scary tricks high above the ground or hanging around upside-down.


Pole Fitness

Is fun, challenging and ever-changing. An addictive exercise that works the whole body whilst learning some pretty impressive tricks.

EC2E59A7-D2D4-42F4-B6F3-290044643696 2.jpeg


A fusion class that combines the strength building of pilates, the flexibility work of Yoga, the balance of Barre and the fun full body work out of Pole.



Private classes to relieve chronic tention throughout the body to learn more about how this can relieve your pain and change your life, please see the Somatics Page by clicking the button below

A live introductory course on Somatics and the art of pandiculation is running online.

Please see below for more details. 

Body Wellbeing Personal Training

Training focused on your body and it’s specific needs, we’ll use multiple techniques to reduce stiffness, relieve pain and build awareness, flexibility, balance, strength, and stability. 

Move fluidly, with confidence, strength and energy.

£50 per hour 

Includes programs and at home exercises plans.





Postural Awareness

A personal postural assessment  will  give you an understanding of how you stand and hold yourself. Learning which muscles to strengthen and which to stretch can help correct poor posture and reduce strain.



We will begin by working through the body from head to toe, gently mobilising each joint  individually to decrees stiffness and build range of motion. 

-pain relief-

Re-gaining conscious control over constantly contracted muscles by correcting in-built patterns within the sensory-motor system.

Core Stability

Completing specific postures and movements to challenge the deep core muscles which support trunk of the body and it's movement. This can aid in reducing lower back pain as well as increasing ease of movement.

Relief Rollering

Using foam rollers to perform self myofascial release on tight muscles, therefore  increasing flexibility and circulation whilst reducing pain and stiffness.  

Cancel the trip to the physio and help yourself

Light Toning


Working whist on the mat and standing you will complete a series of light strength exercises designed to tone any areas of the body you feel need  work.



Small challenges that test your brains reaction time and encourage the nervous system to help create smooth, efficient movement patterns.

Balance Work

Helping the body and brain adjust it's awareness and movements in space quickly and effectively, by training up the many muscles which keep you upright and stable.

Fit for Seniors

Run at our studio, a venue of your choice, or the comfort of your home.

Chair, floor or bed based exercises that gently move all of the major muscle groups of the body. Ideal for older adults or those with limited strength and movement.

We focus on

  • Mobilising each joint to help counter arthritis and restricted movement.

  • Exercising not only the body but the heart and lungs reducing the possibility of diseases such as Hypertension, Coronary and Cardiovascular disease, Strokes, Cancer, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Motorskills both gross and fine are gently challanged to prevent degradation

  • Strengthening the Core muscles to aid coordination and balance helping the prevention of falls.

  • Specialist exercises focus on the hands, eyes and breathing and strength conditioning helps with performing day to day tasks and retaining independence.

Exercise can help the mind as much as the body. Physical activity can also impact positively on emotional and psychological well-being. The Royal College of Psychiatrists (2015) state the less active you are, the more likely you are to end up with low mood, depression, tension and worry. With only a bit more exercise you are much more likely to concentrate and focus better, sleep deeper and to stay mobile and independent as you get older.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga
Senior Citizen Exercise Class
Prices vary depending on location, group size and content.
Please email or call for a quote.

07934 196 111
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