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Online Courses

If you’re unable to attend in person or would rather be in the comfort of your own home please browse the live and pre recorded classes below. 

Live On Zoom

Online sessions designed to introduce you to the technique of pandiculation. Each week we’ll release a different area of the body where tension is commonly held. You’ll learn what a body scan is and how to use it to get back in touch with the deeper areas of your self. You’ll build self awareness, reduce pain & stiffness, improve posture and flexibility and set yourself up to age without aches. 

Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm (UK Time)

You’ll need a stable internet connection, an account with zoom and a quiet place you can lay on the floor or a bed.

If you have any questions about wheather or not this class will be suitable for you then please see the about Somatics page below or reach out to us at info@meiam and we’ll be happy to help you. 

(Please note that the classes are priced at £5 per session. When you book six sessions I can absorb the websites fees. However if you book less I have had to include them)

In Your Own Time

The courses below can be completed whenever and wherever suits you.

They are available on the app telegram (a free app very similar to whats app)

Please download this before purchasing any course. 

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