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A Taste of The Movments

Below is a sample week so you can see a selection of the videos you’ll enjoy in the full course. 

It’s vitally important to gently warm the body (and sometimes mind) before any type of exercise. So before each days movement you will receive a 5 minute warm up video specifically designed to prepare the body for that days movement. 
Warm Ups
Motor Skills Mondays

Motor skills are vital, they help us perform all our daily tasks and pleasures, yet little to no work is done on improving them past childhood.
On Mondays we’ll look at coordination, reaction time, dexterity and other key skills to have you achieving challenges you didn’t believe you could. 
Time To Move Tuesdays

Light cardio exercises, from the comfort of your chair. Simply and safely raise the heart rate, work the lungs and get the blood pumping. Performed in short twenty second bursts to get all the benefits without the exhaustion. 
Wobble Less Wendnesdays

Balane is key to everything we do (aside from laying down) it stabilises us when we stand, sit and stroll. However if not practised regularly this skill will fade. Wednesdays videos will be focused on effective and safe solutions to help prevent any decline and build up your abilities with little challenges you can build into your days. 
Tone The Torso Thursdays

These are going to focus predominantly on the core. A strong and stable core is the key to easy movement and good posture, it is vital for balance, prevents incontincence, supports the spine and lets force move from the upper body to the lower. We’ll use a few different techniques from Pilates, yoga, barre and other disciplines to help you strengthen and stabilise them,
all from the comfort of your seat.
Feel The Body Fridays

This day is all about you! Taking the time to listen to your body and let it tell you what’s going on. We’ll use visualisation techniques to teach you how to get back with your bodies signals.

Breathing techniques; to manage stress, increase energy or help you sleep.  

And my personal favourite the art of Pandiculations, which are Somatic soloutions to reduce aches and loosen tension you didn’t even realise you were holding.

Super Strong Saturdays

Strengthening is not about pain or pressure but the gradual build of intensity and confidence.

Super Strong Saturdays should not be scary, this is about doing a just little better than last time. Pitting yourself against others is pointless, because the only person who matters is you. 

Using body weight exercises so as not to strain the body we will gradually build up your stamina until you’re feeling like superman

Stretch It Out Sundays

On Sundays we’ll look at the edge of sensation, how to feel find and focus what your body is telling you when you move. The attention will be on areas of the body that are often tight and we’ll work on innovative ways of stretching and loosening them to increase subtlety and flexibility 

If you are interested in exploring more of these movements please email to discuss
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