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Move More Easily

Simple seated and standing exercises, carefully selected to support the body as it ages.

Looking at the physique with a unique perspective to help build and balance all of the skills needed to move through life with flexibility, strength, and joy.


Designed by a Body Wellbeing PT specifically to support the body & mind. 

We will work to gently build strength, flexibility, 

motor skills and balance. Increase energy levels, elevate the mood and improve sleep.

Subtle and safe techniques such as pandiculations will help relieve muscle tension to reduce aches and stiffness.

Get your weekly quota of exercises in short, simple videos that are fun to follow along with.

A little a day really does keep the doctor away. 

Every body needs to move, the problem for some is how to do it safely, these exercises are gentle and supported, designed to work with the body rather than against it. If you can sit in a chair then you’ll be able to perform most of them comfortably. Each week of the course we look at a different type of movement. 

Motor Skills on Mondays

Light Cardio on Tuesdays

Balance on Wednesdays

Core Strengthening On Thursdays

Tension Release on Fridays

Strengthening on Saturdays

Stretching  on Sundays

Give it a go and your body will thank you by feeling fabulous! 


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