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Movement is a privilege. Not a punishment 

and here we believe it should also be a pleasure

Whatever your age or fitness level, we want to help you find a form of movement that you honestly enjoy. Because it is the key to a healthy life, it keeps us strong, flexible and fit but also reduces pain, illness and stress.


MEIAM is an organisation that encourages us to blend the mind and body, understand that what happens to one affects the other. This awareness can help us improve our mental heath, eradicate our aches and pains and hep us to be life proof.  

Somatic Stress Relief

Is the soul of our new online movement

A selection of carefully crafted programs designed to help you help yourself.

 Easy to follow videos or Pod-classes accessed on your phone or tablet so you can fit them into your routine without worry.

Pandiculations For Pain Relief

Slow, smooth and super at releasing chronic tension. 

This is the program that can help you reduce stiffness and aches and get you feeling physically youthful again. 

It can be done at home or in the office in the moments you have throughout your day

Listening to Music
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Physical Meditaions

Man Walking in Fields

Get out of your head and back in touch with your body, these mediations are a little different than what you’re used to.

We’ll be finding areas of your body you didn’t know you had. Feeling the little finger, hearing your heartbeat and walking with every muscle of your feet. 

Joyful Movement 

Dancing at Home

Feel fantastic as we participate in cardio dancing, laughing yoga and playful movement. When we enjoy exercise we engage in it more frequently improving both physical a mental health. 

Practicing Yoga

Join our introduction to Somatics live on zoom each Wednesday at 7:30pm (GMT)

Get back in touch with your beautiful body, reduce aches and stiffness, improve posture and flexibility and manage stress and anxiety. 

Live Online


For more details on all the different experiences we offer face to face please have a look at either our Westcott (Surrey) Or Hove (Sussex) pages below. 

Take Me To 
Take Me To 

Find Out More

To discover more about us, our history and how we came to believe that fitness really is fun - please have a look at the ABOUT page,


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