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Aerial Yoga

A fascinating fusion of yoga and aerial art. Easily tailored to suit all abilities it can be a used for a full on cardio workout, satisfyingly deep stretching session, calming and supportive yoga flow or cocooned deep relaxation.



Especially good for those who feel daunted by yoga as they have doubts about their flexibility levels. In this, we used the fabric to support the bodies weight whilst stretching, therefore putting much less pressure on muscles and joints.



The silk hammock is made of parachute grade fabric that is strong enough to hold a baby elephant so you will be perfectly safe whiles soaring to a stronger more flexible you.


Aerial Sling

Also known as hammock or swings, it is a great introduction to Aerial Fitness, providing excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place! 


If you've ever had a thought about running away to the circus then this is the class for you.

Soar in the air whilst compleating beautiful transitions, acrobat worthy tricks and gravity-defying inversions. All while getting a full body work out like no other! 


As with most of the aerial apparatus, your core is the focus whilst moving through the Aerial Sling positions, helping to improve both posture and stability. 

Slings are also particularly adept at accessing and broadening your shoulders, making for a  fun and seemingly easy but challenging workout.

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