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Cross Knee Release - Pole Fitness
Inverted Straddle - Pole Fitness
Forearm stand with back bend - Pole
Thigh Hold - Pole Fitness at Surrey
Gemini - Pole Fitness at Surrey
Ball - Pole Fitness at Surrey Studio

Pole Fitness

Come and try and entirely different type of exercise...

Are you bored of the gym? Or maybe feel uncomfortable working out in a room full of others? Do you find it hard to stay motivated or interested in the at-home fitness DVD's or apps?

Well so did I...

I hated any form of serious exercise, honestly, I couldn't stick to anything but some gentle yoga. 

Until I found Pole fitness, it's fun, challenging and ever-changing. When I started I couldn't even lift my own body weight off the floor and now I'm doing tricks I couldn't even have dreamed of. 


If you like the sound of it, please come and try, maybe it'll change your life as it has mine.


Is very similar to Pole Fitness as it shares the same warm ups/cool downs and strength building conditing. 


The only difference is that the course content focuses on spins, transitions, flow and floor work. No need to worry about scary tricks high above the ground or hanging around with only your legs.


Pole-lite will guide you through exercises and movements to increase your flexibility, balance and strength - particularly your arms shoulders and core.



A fusion class that combines the strength building of pilates, the flexibility work of Yoga, the balance of Barre and the fun full body work out of Pole.


Using the pole like a vertical ballet barre you will work through specific stretches and strength exercises for each of the main muscles groups in the body. Working with the breath and finding the edge of the stretch in each position you will develop a deeper connection and understanding of your body. All the while giving it a low impact, safe, entertaning full body work out.

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